parts department

Parts Department

Scheduled maintenance is a must and genuine parts make the difference. Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts offer a flawless fit to help protect your Honda’s superior performance. Each part is engineered and tested to complement the innovative technology built into your vehicle. You can feel the quality. Honda Genuine Maintenance Parts meet original equipment (OEM) standards for endurance. That’s quality, finely tuned.

Honda Genuine Engine Air Filters - Better Filtering Means Better Performance

Engines, like people, need to breathe clean air to stay fit. Without a free flow of clean air, an engine can’t perform at its best. It’s the job of your engine’s air filter to remove dust and contaminants from incoming air before they can reduce performance, increase fuel consumption and cause premature engine wear. As these pollutants build up on the filter, engine airflow becomes restricted, which adversely affects performance. That’s why it’s important to regularly replace your old, dirty air filter with a new Honda Genuine Engine Air Filter. Made from advanced materials designed for superior filtration and airflow, Honda Genuine Engine Air Filters help optimize performance and fuel economy. Remember, all engine air filters aren’t the same. Insist on original Honda quality. Insist on Honda Genuine.

Honda Genuine Cabin Air Filters - Your Air Quality Deserves Honda Genuine Quality.

Pollen. Dust. Airborne contaminants. They’re all in the air you breathe every day. Fortunately, you can keep them out of your passenger cabin by inspecting and replacing your Honda’s cabin air filter as recommended. Honda Genuine Cabin Air Filters are designed specifically for your vehicle and meet Honda’s exacting performance and quality standards. They’re engineered to deliver maximum filtration of both incoming and recirculated air. And best of all, they give you the confidence of knowing they meet Honda standards for performance, quality and durability

Honda Timing Belts - Original Fit is Critical.

Simply put, your Honda’s timing belt keeps your engine’s valves and pistons working in sync. A broken timing belt will not only shut down your engine immediately, but is likely to result in engine damage and expensive repairs. With so much at stake, why take a chance? Have your timing belt inspected at the recommended intervals — and at replacement time, insist on a Honda Genuine Timing Belt.* Honda Genuine Timing Belts are designed for exact factory fit to prevent belt slippage, and constructed with original premium materials for maximum durability and crack resistance. Don’t put your engine at risk with other brands. With a Honda Genuine Timing Belt, you can drive with confidence.

Honda Genuine Wiper Blades - A Clear Case for Fit and Quality.

A clear, unobstructed view of the road is every bit as vital to the safety of you and your passengers as is the grip of good tires or the stopping power of brakes. In other words, your wiper blades are an essential safety feature in all driving conditions. It’s easy to tell when tires and brakes need attention, but wiper blades are a different story. Because they wear out slowly over time, you might not know they’re worn out until you need them—and that’s the wrong time to find out. That’s why it’s important to periodically inspect and replace them with Honda Genuine Wiper Blades before you find yourself in a risky situation. Honda Genuine Wiper Blades are engineered to strict specifications to provide precise fit, durability and the peace of mind Honda Genuine can deliver.