Maintaining Your Brakes

The brakes on our vehicles can fall victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” paradigm. We don’t think about them until something starts to go wrong. Luckily it is very rare that brakes just stop working without some sort of warning. And when it is time to find brake repair in Riverside, CA, or brake repair in Loma Linda, CA, or brake repair in San Bernardino, CA or anywhere in the Inland Empire Spreen Honda is ready to meet all of your needs. Here are some signs that your brakes may need to be looked at by one of our highly trained technicians.

What are brake warning lights?

If you see a light on your instrument panel that refers to brakes, it could simply mean that your parking brake is engaged. If that is not the case, then I could mean you have suffered a serious drop in hydraulic pressure and that is very serious and your brakes could be near total failure. You should take your vehicle to the Spreen Honda service department immediately.

Why is my brake pedal so hard to press down?

There should be a certain amount of pressure needed to press your brake pedal down, but if it seems more difficult than in the past, it could be a sign of trouble with the power brakes on your vehicle. You could also have hydraulic lines that are clogged or otherwise restricted or we could be looking at frozen calipers, wheel cylinders or damaged brake linings.

Why does my brake pedal go to the floor before my car stops?

If your brake pedal feels like you are stepping on a kitchen sponge when you try to stop this could be from any number of causes. Your brakes may require a simple adjustment or it could be caused by something much more serious. Either way a stop to the Spreen Honda Service Center in the Inland Empire will give you the answers you need.

Why does it feel like my brakes stick sometimes?

This can be caused by your brakes failing to let go of the disc or drum. You can tell this is happening because your wheels will feel hot from all of the extra friction and it will seem like your engine has lost power. This situation can go the opposite direction and leave you with no brakes, a total system failure.

Why are my brakes too sensitive?

If your car has “touchy” brakes and they grab hard with little pressure applied to the pedal, this could happen because there is some kind of contaminant in the brake lines or there could be a more serious failure in the system and you should bring your car in for brake service in Loma Linda, CA immediately.

What does it mean if my car pulls to one side when I hit my brakes?

Brakes that are properly functioning will cause your car to come to smooth stop in a straight line. If your car pulls to the side when you apply your brakes it could mean that one of your tires needs some air added to it or it could be that your brakes are grabbing too hard or not hard enough. The factory trained technicians at Spreen Honda are more than qualified to diagnose and fix this problem and keep you moving down the road as safely as possible.

At the Spreen Honda Service Center, we preach the word of preventative maintenance schedules and are more than willing to work with you on your car service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Riverside, CA, San Bernardino, CA or anywhere in the Inland Empire. When it comes to keeping your Honda running in top shape, don’t trust anyone but the Spreen Honda professionals and their years of combined experience.