Why Service at Spreen Honda?

Customer Satisfaction
The staff at Spreen Honda completely understands that without satisfied customers we would not have a business. Our No. 1 goal is to provide the best, most affordable auto service in Riverside, CA. Every day is a new chance to give you our best effort. We want to make sure that when you need to attend a piano recital in San Bernardino, for your kids or take that client out for dinner you do so in a properly maintained vehicle that was serviced by the best mechanics in Loma Linda, CA. It is our privilege to have you as a customer at Spreen Honda.

Order Parts

If you have the knowledge and ability to do your own automotive repairs in, Riverside, CA the Spreen Honda Service Center is ready with all the parts you may need. When you are working on your car, you can be certain that when you purchase car parts in Loma Linda from us that they will only be genuine Honda certified parts, because that is all Spreen Honda stocks. Our Service Department is more than willing to perform any automotive work you may need.

Oil Change

Performing Honda oil changes in Loma Linda, is a routine task for the highly trained technicians at Spreen Honda. However, at the Spreen Honda Service Department, we do some things that can be overlooked by the do-it-yourselfer mechanic or some other cut rate oil change outlet. First, we always make sure that the O-ring from the old oil filter has been removed properly and completely. Failure to do this during an oil change can lead to catastrophic oil loss and major damage to the engine and it components. Spreen Honda also uses brand new aluminum crush washers for every oil change. The crush washer helps keep the seal between the oil pan and drain plug as tight as possible. Reusing crush washers can lead to very expensive repairs caused by over tightening the drain plug and using plastic crush washers don’t provide as good of a seal.